Thursday, 23 April 2009

The Other Side

I wont say things are looking up, but you know what, know the rest.

beautiful...strange.....I REALLY do love that tune. by bedrock if you dont know it. download it. shut your eyes. feel the power. it is there. I remember where it began. I was in some club in London, Turnmills. it was 6am I was off my tits and so was everyone else. it was the early 90's. it was ecstacy. it was tribal. I found the vision. it dropped down on me. I looked down. on the floor was this vortex. going down. I wanted to step on it but I knew I would disappear somewhere. so I turned to my pal. Chris was his name.

'can you see that'
'a whirlpool'
'fuck! you can see it'
'yea what about it'
'what you had'
'pill and some acid'
'oooh got acid'
'yea, here you are'

and so began the 90's for me and I can hardly remember most of it. but I know it was beautiful and it was strange and though I came back down. eventually. something remained in my heart. the dream. the vision. the opening to something else, a way. of seeing, of being. something beautiful, something divine. something magical. a new world free of it all.
and it is here still
and though hell is all around me
and the solitude of this time has nearly killed me
suddenly in the dark I see a light
it has always been there. I just forgot to look
distracted by the madness , the coldness, the aloneness of it all
the life, the death, the travelling on. the endless moving on through people and towns and time and places. the sadness of it sometimes too much to bear.
the endings the beginnings I am so afriad of
because I know they will end, they always do.
and yet such amazing people who come into my life
like you Parmella despite all that pain we went through and probably still will,
fuck. I wouldnt miss this for the world.
and as I rise, because I will. it is what I was destined to do
death is nothing
loss is nothing
love is everything
and when it is beautiful and precious and strange
that is when I love it all the most
and for this life I will be
eternally grateful
I am feeling it tonight
I hope you all are too.
because it is times like these, I know we could change this god forsaken world
into something worth living in
and I dont mean disarming the nukes or saving the poor and the pandas,
I mean evolving into the beings we should always have been
and full of love and vision that goes so far beyond the walls they keep us in, they taught us to exist in.
it is no surprise we are afraid
and so unable to just let go
we know of nothing else
and yet
we have some of us seen the other side
and though it hurts to remember
to be honest I will never be able to forget
its in my heart and travels with me
on wherever it may be

put on your favourite tune
put it up loud
and let go
I'll be there tonight
on the otherside


YourFireAnt said...

Oh, thanks for this babe.


Mark Berry said...

avec plaisir and sweet feelings