Sunday, 15 February 2009

She held me in a hug
I felt her breathe, the rhythm of it
I relaxed and breathed out trying to find her pace.
Letting it all go, sinking into her arms.
Felt the tension in my grip around her,
unconscious struggles of the day
still locked up in my muscles, man's muscles.
Let it go, let it all go.
My head coming to rest on her neck
Sweet scent
Rose petals.
I felt us both give in a little
Man to woman, woman to man
belly’s gently touching
but it is my heart that feels warmed.
I listen for the beat
wondering if they are starting to beat in time.
This is nothing more
than the pulse of life
tuning in.
A moment ago I felt tense, caught up in
the social chaos.
One hug, one real hug
was all it took
to dawn into the age of Aquarius.
My part to play in the great cosmic order of things today,
was just to let go,
and so I did.

Valentines Day 14th February 2009


Mad Cat Lady said...

Very nice - all the knots in my shoulders unkinked reading this :)

I think I may have been cursing my cats at 7.25 am 14 February. I hope my bad vibes didn't ruin anything.

Mark Berry said...

kinky knots
cursed cats

these are the things they send to try us


Prixie said...

awww sweet...

hope u had a good Vday

Mark Berry said...

it was most excellent