Saturday, 12 December 2009

2009 This was the year that….

I went drug free (excepting a slight altercation with some Methadrone and a bottle of vodka. And some reprobates I befriended one night in the Beach Road Hotel who insisted I join them)

I discovered I am prone to social leprocy and Facebook turettes.

I got my first genuine proposal of marriage. And she wasn’t joking.

I got my first genuine stalker. And she wasn’t joking.

I had more lovers in one fortnight than I had in the last 4 years

I accidently dated a hooker, it lasted a month

I completed my first book

I learnt some more about rejection

I felt I might not survive the year, mentally or physically but spiritually ...somehow I always felt ok.

I discovered being challenged is what makes you get up and get through it.

I grew up a little bit.

...but not too much.

I released another solo album that immediately sailed majestically into plummeting obscurity.

I rediscovered the reasons to see life as an amazing experience to be lived

I bought a drum

All in all it was a pretty good year


Prixie said...

you make my year look pretty tame.

you wrote a book? wow......

Mark Berry said...

the other 360 days were spent staring at walls wondering what to do with myself. it really wasnt that exicting. working on it though.

yea wrote a book. isnt that what we all end up doing eventually? It isnt published, wouldnt know how. but it is done and was pretty satisfying to complete actually.

happy xmas and New Year by the way :)