Saturday, 14 November 2009

Its a funny old game.

Here I am watching the weekend begin amazed I am alive, It IS FUCKING AMAZING.

just another day, and yet...

breathing. what is breathing all about.

I sat there this morning reading through my diaries of school days, nearly finished now, nearly ready I am not sure what for. Of a time when I was supposed to take a scholarship to Harrow and ended up. well to be honest, getting truly fucked by some bad experiences and then seeing the machine, the truth, and of course dropping out.
I ended up in Harrow anyway, by the fates.
Used to sit on the hill, where Byron used to wile away the hours. I felt him there, felt the kin-ship there, the ghost. I would watch the sun set over West England, London. See the planes rising from Heathrow into the pink, red sky.
Knowing one day I would be on one of those and never return.

And yet today, watching the sun rise in Bondi, I recalled it so powerfully that the Hill pulled me back and for a moment I was there. It made me jump. That is the power. The earth, the magic of some places.

Did you know the first ever car crash in England happened on that hill, did you know the first ever train crash victim is buried in the little church on that hill, did you know that hill is the highest point between there and the mountains in Urals all the way across to the East. And there are other things too. strange things about that hill.

I know magic, I have lived it, I have walked it and I walk it now. deeper each day but with more clarity too. I thought it was madness I was bound for but now I realise it is something else.

As I step across the wet sand and feel the power of the female goddess that is out there in the oceans in Bondi. I know stuff. fucking weird stuff sometimes. But I know. I see. I am a seer. that's just how it is. just who I am. Byron would have been proud.

Yea, I see it now. I graduated from Harrow like I was supposed to, maybe the streets of Harrow not the school, but in some little way it happened that I gained knowledge there, on that hill and then, like I knew I would, I began to fly.

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Prixie said...

good that you're so buoyant! and those facts about london...sigh...i miss it!