Friday, 20 March 2009

It's never going to be easy
the things we chase
always seem to belong to somebody else
everyone makes it look so simple to attain
as they cruise by in gilded cages of gold
and I remain in the alley with the one-trip ghosts
blade in my hand to deal with the enemy
laugh running down empty streets
crazy drunk or high beyond care
or just insane
because its the way to survive this bullshit

its taken all these days to find something worth keeping
and yet the blood trickles down my heart like an open wound
fists up, shadow boxing dont work so well against this army
fortifications round your heart
you arent ever going to give in
watch me die trying to scale your walls
and see you smile
knowing you wont ever have to pretend again
to anyone
except yourself

here comes the morning
another one I have to face in some way
and try to explain to myself
what the fuck I am doing this for
I have no idea, I never did
just play the part
like it will make any kind of difference
to any of us
in the end

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