Thursday, 19 March 2009

I felt it shift again tonight
that elusive truth
we grasp for always
through the moments as they slip by us
I try to sink into it now
try to hold one feeling in place
that might tell me
that the future will bring home
and it will feel like the place I belong
the place I can rest
and feel safe enough
not to chase rainbows
across darkening skies anymore
I love you
more truly than I have ever loved
and yet
and yet
it could slip away and be lost in the dust
trampled in the stampede of all that is to come
and if I try to hold onto it
I might die
and if I let it go
it may be lost for good this time
All I can do is watch
and quietly pray
that it grows strong enough
to make it through
I surrender to trust because, as ever
it is all I can do.

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