Thursday, 10 July 2008

you call it madness
I call it sanctuary

why is life so futile?
she asked me

probably the wrong person to ask
I said

I put on 'Private Investigations' by Dire Straits
pulled a bottle of wine from the fridge, a rose, Oyster Bay

someone banged on the wall from next door.

'TOO LOUD?' I shouted
but didnt move.
If I had heard a response I would have shouted profanities.
sometimes you just got to let the ears bleed.
despite the discomfort of your neighbours.
they'll be ok tomorrow.
but hell, we might die tonight

if it were not for the music
that plays
to save our souls

to save our souls

there's a funny thing


how many times I have laid drunk across my bed vomiting into a plastic bag, thinking


still no one comes.

I been playing that tune for years

'...scarred for life, no compensation, private investigation...'

but I had no answer for her.
nothing that would relieve the part of her that hurt.

maybe you are polar, or just artistic
I finally said

austistic, more like
was the response.

oh you are a dark horsey, ney

I smiled and we chinked our drinks. two lost souls making like it all meant something in that drunken haze. and it did in some little way.

I kept smelling cheap perfume, mine, not hers.
I wondered if I would ever get some class
but I figured not
why bother
why pretend, I am something I am not.
just a hot blooded gypsy at best
and not exactly the romantic kind

it wasnt long before I began to feel the wolf salivating somewhere inside.
locked in his kennel. chained and tethered. like it did any good.
I would never change.
just howl at the moon
and sometimes she'd come play with me
frolic in the wilds
in the heat
in the lust
where we both found it safe
but others often feared.
funny that.
how our wild hearts tame so easily
but some remain wild forever


Prixie said...

i really love the way you write.

Crimson Shimmer said...

i concur...

much like watchin a movie.

thanks for the visit sir berry :)

Mark Berry said...

thanks for the comments, guys. appreciated.

and I'd love to have shown you the clubbing ropes Prixie, I am sure you'll do fine out there without a pill popping grandad doing crazy legs crane impressions on the dance floor... and gurning.

Mark Berry said...

For the record check these two out. You both like writing, these two are in my top faves on the blog world.