Tuesday, 19 February 2008

The triad of change

I have this theory...

There is a real simple formula
you could call it the key to life
but it will take you a lifetime to figure out how to use it.
we are lazy like that.
its a human thing.

its no great secret really
its just three empty words in the wrong hands
but it can unlock the universe if you let it.

3 is the number of dynamics and change.


that's it!
the triad
I knew you'd be amazed.

if you can be bothered with it, here is the explanation -


Since the day we learnt to think we have taken on the experience of suffering. thinking creates suffering, creates misery. thinking is the seed of the experience of suffering.

Reacting is what we have learnt to do towards everything.
We are conditioned to repeat the same thinking over and over, bound up by our reactions, and so we develop the sense of suffering.
it deepens and it grows.

If you stop reacting you can stop thinking,
if you stop thinking you can stop the experience of suffering,
you undo the suffering.
or rather, it undoes itself.
as if it never existed.
because it only existed since we learnt to think it into existence.

the way to achieve this
is through silence.
true mental silence.
no thinking.

Silence is probably the hardest thing a human can learn to achieve
the whole world is thinking all day.
its almost a law,
some would say it is a disease.
If you try to stop doing it
you'll risk being outcast
laughed at
the suffering will hurt all the more.

its just how it is.

besides which,
we have been thinking for most of our life
ever since we got taught how to
its not easy to unlearn something and replace it with emptiness.

which is why it would take a lifetime to master
and no one has the time
so nothing will change for me or for you,
in this lifetime
but then why should we expect it to?

whats the rush?

this lifetime, the next, what the hell does it matter, we'll get there eventually because where else is there to go?

and one of these days
we'll be so bored of going round in circles all the time
we'll just say
oh fuck it.
and that will be the day
we start to see things change.

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