Friday, 24 October 2008

fuckadoodleday it's been 3 months

since my last post.

been locked in an orgasm actually
discovered tantra, like proper cool.

'nuff said, regular programs will commence shortly :)


Don said...

A 3-month orgasm does sound cool at first blush, but it would probably kill most people...

ladyb said...


Prixie said...

oi, thought u forgot your url ;p
at least u were having fun

Mad Cat Lady said...

well pull your finger out then

(if you need to be depressed to write just let me know - I'll try and think of something nasty to say - it will be difficult though - because you write so good)

Mark Berry said...

Don - people are mostly dead already maybe it would bring them to life.

Lady B - I hear you

Prixie - I can forget my name, my house, my keys, my dog, my underpants, but I never lose my url.

Mad Cat Lady - you are bad. I think we are going to get on.