Monday, 17 December 2007

The Resistance

Intensity, passion, depth.
It scares me to reveal this side of me
I am not totally sure why.
Maybe it is the sense of intrusion I feel, as whatever it is I am, pierces your armour like an x-ray.
I may miss subtle observations and glaringly obvious reactions,
but at the core, I see it all.
Everything revealed
It is beautiful. Utterly overwhelmingly beautiful.
To reveal that, to bring that up to the surface in this world?
It’s like landing fish beneath a flock of hungry gulls.
So I pretend, but I pretend badly
And in the end I risk becoming a caricature of myself.
Or worse; drunk on the ability to know what you wish to keep secret.
I understand desire, I understand death, and I understand you.
But it may not be easy to talk on such things
Not here, not now.
Keep beauty hidden in the deep until it is safe to reveal.

There is a subtle but deadly war raging, and you should be aware
that we are the hunted.
If you understand this, then maybe your duty lies
with The Resistance

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ladyb said...

I am the resistance. x