Wednesday, 28 November 2007


Every time I see a music video these days
I am reminded of the old punk adage - we are all prostitutes
I have been saying 'oh you SLUT!' to the tube a lot of late.
and sorry, but R&B videos are the worst offender
take note Justine Timberfake
pathetic poseurs and stupid slags trying to sell some hot choreographed booty shakin' shite at me.
Just take it away!
Is this a turn on to anyone?!

But I don't actually mind
because I have seen this kind of global tension in the market place before,
the sameness.
bland. empty. packaged. bullshit. BULLSHIT!
and it tells me

very soon.

Revolution is on it's way.

I always like a bit of anarchy.
it's in the blood.

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