Friday, 29 May 2009


Today is brought to you by the letters F.E.A.R
fucking stuff. gets on my boobies.

this week I got the flu, thought it was that piglet type. so being a socially responsibly type, I locked myself up preparing to DIE of something ball bleedingly gruelling. It wasnt so bad, just a bit know...weird. Then went to the docs and she wasnt concerned in the slightest about piglets or anything I had done with or to gods small pinky things. cool. kind of. so swine flu maybe is MEDIA FUCKING HYPE as per frickin usual.

feeling better after two days off work either way.

still I am a bit feisty today and up for kicking the shit out of something if you have any suggestions.
that cock sucking, nipple tweaking, ring tucking in, type of feeling has come back around.

last night fellow workeee called me to suggest my job may be on the line

'you're walking a one way street' was his terminology.

which i kind of expected as I am a workshy fop
and my boss is a sadistic ass with attitude problems kind of like mine
except he is the boss and I am not

so monday will be the telling moment and the more I think about it I feel like causing it. fuck em.
are there any jobs out there?
I dont know. most would say not.
so there is a little
F.E.A.R right about now.

layer one
of the stuff

then there is the thing about having to move back to UK if I run out of money or

eat from bins

the second isnt really that appealing
I may have to start the revolution for real
this sucks.
it takes much responsibility and thinking about, and then amassing of weaponry, and pamphlets so people know why they are revolting.
did I mean that.
yes probably.

plus I am too lazy

which some days annoys me a bit.
I love just being
not doing
just ....being

sitting about doing a lot of fuck all forever until death.
that is my idea of a good life.

I have done....yea pretty much everything now pigs fly

I just want to sit back and watch it all go by
but no.

I have to work in a fucking corporate environment or
die of hunger
it dont seem right.

I am moaning
I am sure your tale is far worse than mine today and I bang on
so fuck it


today was brought to me by F.E.A.R
I am over it

fuck em

I am moving to Melbourne though
that much is decided somewhere in the mind
the how
has yet
to transpire itself


Samantha said...

I considered moving to melbourne myself, just to see/hear bands I always read about :)

I may yet do so

If I weren't so antisocially dirty and messy, I would offer you my one bedroom flat, on the basis that you didn't let the cats out and didn't whinge about me leaving my dirty socks in the lounge

but that might be asking too much

Become a baker
and stay in australia

Mark Berry. said...

socks and cats are ok with me

baker. I did think about that one but I like the idea of being a Librarian. Just the pace would be perfect after what my job has been like.

I have no intention of leaving if I can help it.

Sexy Soul said...

lol & thAt photo looks familar.

Mark Berry said...

so does that photo